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What to expect when you file for divorce in Illinois

For many people, filing for divorce is a source of great anxiety. After all, ending a marriage isn't a decision to be taken lightly. There can be unpredictable consequences to a divorce, especially in situations where you and your spouse simply cannot agree on terms for your divorce.

Some couples have the benefit of a prenuptial agreement to guide the divorce process. This document can outline the expectations for the division of assets, as well as how the couple may handle issues such as child custody and spousal support. In lieu of a prenuptial agreement, however, you should know what to expect if the courts will set the terms for your divorce.

Can you refuse a breath test during a DUI stop in Illinois?

It's a nightmare scenario, especially for people who drive commercially for a living. You get pulled over by the police, who administer a field sobriety test. Basic health issues, ranging from diabetes to anxiety or even a bad knee, could result in an officer suspecting you're under the influence. In that scenario, the next step usually involves the officer performing a chemical test, such as a breath test, to determine alcohol impairment. In some scenarios, officers may collect blood, saliva or urine for testing. Some people might consider refusing to allow the officer to perform a chemical test. Doing so, however, has serious implications for your legal situation.

Illinois law requires you to submit to testing

4 reasons your commercial driver’s license may be suspended

Commercial driving privileges are closely followed by state and federal agencies. As a result, the rules around why your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and for how long can be suspended are plentiful.

Losing your CDL can be devastating if you rely on it for your occupation. To protect yourself from suspension, be aware of the four main reasons a CDL can be suspended and the duration of each suspension.

You must understand the standardized field sobriety test

Even though you understand the risks of drinking and driving, there could come a point when you consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Many people make this mistake because they believe they are sober enough to drive.